" Becky's recent organizing seminar was a plethora of information! 

Her ideas, tips and suggestions were perfect for our Spring Cleaning event at The Edmond Public Library.  After listening to her program, I implemented 3 of her ideas! 

The Edmond Public Library highly recommends Becky with BeeNeat for your speaking engagements or home organization projects."


Jill - Edmond Public Library, OK





Words can't express what you have done for my life!  I am also seeing changes in how my husband handles stress too!  The impact of an organized, eye appealing sanctuary has been life changing for us.


I came to you as a person wearing so many hats.  Caregiving one family member who lost a battle, to taking care of another who has dementia, and trying to take care of two homes.  Moving into our home in 2011, and becoming a caregiver overnight, it never got the attention it deserved.  I was too embarrassed to have anyone come into my home.


I really connected with you over the phone.  You were warm and compassionate.  I spoke to 6 organizers, all with different prices and your price was very reasonable (especially with the emotional well being as a bonus investment!)  My very first call was very discouraging, and I felt like a "hoarder" after that call and the amount they quoted me was astronomical.  We accomplished what they quoted for a 1/4 of the cost.  I knew right away, because you seemed different & educational. 


The book you recommended to me, which I will say I was reluctant about.  I am so very glad I read it!  It helped me with the process!  When we talked, you said I probably fell in the "situational disorganization" category.  As I was reading the book, I also feel I fall in the "hanging on to the past".  You never made me feel like I had to get rid of anything I didn't want to let go of, or was precious to me.  But the process did help me realize that a lot of what I was hanging on to was cluttering my space and I wasn't seeing the truly precious items because of all the clutter.


We touched every room in my house.  What I appreciated the most, was that you did the thinking for me.  I used to be very organized.  The clutter was adding to the brain fog and free mentality I had in my home.  I now feel more mindful of everything I do.  I am saving money at the grocery store.  I think about whether I really need something before I buy it and it has even carried over to the gifts I buy for others.  I do believe, with all the money I will save, having created a better home environment, that you have saved me money.  I mean this!!!


I can't tell you which room has made the greatest impact, because they all have.  Jerry love the labeling you have done for our medicines, and therefore, has been a reduction in my stress.  He doesn't have to ask me where to find what he needs.  I love the kitchen, and because it's so organized (with concepts and labeling / I would never have dreamed of), I may even get my husband to look into the refrigerator for me and able to find the item I ask for!  :)


I am now more productive, and more relaxed in my home.  I can breathe again.  I owe you a world of gratitude.  I take time to take care of myself, I have a clear mind, and I'm not snacking so much.  My sleep has improved, and I have a more positive outlook.  You are truly a miracle worker!  If anyone ever wants to talk with someone who has gone through your process, please feel free to have them contact me.


May you and your family always stay as blessed as my family has been to know you!


KK - Oklahoma City, OK



Becky is amazing! 
She helped me tackle several projects in a very timely fashion.  I liked how she used things from my home to decorate and organize.  Where needed, she made suggestions on cost effective and cute ways to get things de-cluttered.  
What I learned in a few days of organizing with Becky I have been able to continue to apply to other areas of my home. 
I have been surprised what a difference de-cluttering, organizing, and LABELING can make.  I have found that it saves money when I can see exactly what I have.  I know what I need to re-order instead of over buying.  A de-cluttered home helps to de-clutter your mind. 
Thank you, Becky! 
I am now at one with my label maker. :)
SM - Edmond, OK 


"No One Does It Better than Becky!!  

 She decorated, ordered supplies, encouraged me in what seemed impossible, and she saved  me a wealth of money!  Because age has set in, my house had to be organized for someone with extreme limited physical mobility.  Everything had to be at “Waist Level.”  That means all clothes, everything in my bathrooms, dishes, pots, pans, etc; NOTHING placed at a level higher than my waist.   And I am very short.   Becky, in her magic for organization, created the perfect “handicap accessible” home for me.   This is a miracle, because I no longer struggle with step-stools and the fear of falling.  Thank you Becky for making my life independent, and an easy reach for me!

P.C. - OKC, OK



"Thank you Becky for coming into our very ADD home where all of us struggle with organization!  

You helped immediately in finding a better layout and system for my daughters room which was unbelievably chaotic. Our move into town and downsizing has created big messes with an overwhelming task list for me to do.  
I have great relief knowing you're going to help me get through it room by room and focus on what works best for US!  You are non-judgmental and work very fast as well.  
I felt comfortable visiting with you like you were already an old friend.  Thank you for helping me where my vulnerably lies. 
We are excited to have you help us conquer this seemingly daunting task and you make it all seem like it's easy and no worries. See you many days to come! I'm very exited to get it all done especially with someone like you!  
T.G. - Edmond, OK

"My experience with BeeNeat was excellent! 

Becky herself takes professionalism to a whole new level and works with the utmost integrity!!! 

I love how Becky comes ready to work...she gets the job done with speed and efficiency!!
What might take another service weeks, she can tackle in a day!! 
She truly has a gift for organizing and making your life and your belongings much more manageable. 
To say she is fulfilling her God given abilities would be an understatement!!
Working with her was like working with a friend you've known forever! 
I learned a great deal from watching and listening to her ideas and tips!! I shared her name with several of my closest friends and family members that I knew would benefit just as I did.  
At first my husband thought I had lost my mind because I'm not going to lie, it's a bit addicting, but after he saw what Becky could do...he was thrilled!!! He actually said, "Getting organized was money well spent!!" 
Thank you Becky for making such a positive impact on me and my family! You are incredibly talented at what you do!!" 
K.E. - Edmond, OK 


"Becky is a miracle worker!!

Before Becky, I was drowning in STUFF and I was desperate for organization.

In no time at all, she had a plan, and applied her organizational skills in my kitchen, closets and various areas of my home.  

She sorted, donated, labeled, bought supplies, helped me decorate, taught me organizing tricks, ways to maximize space and always ALWAYS with a smiling, happy attitude.  She truly is the best!"


P.C. - Edmond, OK



"Becky came in and was unfazed by our four barking dogs and two screaming toddlers, which I had forgotten to warn her about, or the state of the house, stuffed with furniture and boxes. She completely transformed my parents' kitchen within a 4 hour window. It went from a mass of clutter, with barely any countertop visible, to completely cleared off with all the cupboards organized. She worked with my mom in a gentle but straightforward way, asking with each item whether to keep or donate. Even though she didn't press when my mom decided to keep her 5(!) teapots, somehow she found enough room for everything, and now all of us know where everything belongs. She hauled out 2 giant bins of stuff my mom had decided, piece by piece, to donate, and dropped them off herself after our appointment was over. I knew the house was stressing me and my sister out, but my mom also seemed noticeably happier, which was amazing since I made the appointment without her "permission" and she had been pretty anxious about it. You clearly need a good fit with your organizer since going through and getting rid of things is a very personal process, particularly if you did not arrange for the organizer yourself like in my mom's case. My dad wondered later how I had found Becky (the internet) because I had "clearly picked the right person". She was really sweet without being overbearing, but still really efficient. I'm really happy with the impression she made, and I think my parents feel comfortable enough that they will give her a call on their own in the future, which is a huge step forward. Seeing that transformation in the kitchen let us see that it was actually possible, and my mom has been working on some other areas of the house now.  

Thanks for helping our family, Becky!!"


Sarah - Oklahoma City, OK


"Becky Marple not only knew how to help me clean up the filing mess I had in my home office, but she got down on the floor and worked DILIGENTLY with me for almost 6 hours to determine what needed to go, to be kept, or to be donated with a JOYFUL ATTITUDE, giving me encouragement that I could conquer that nightmare and keep the office organized.

I also like the fact that she has more ideas on how to keep organized on her Facebook account. I definitely would recommend Becky to anyone needing her organizational skills. 

Thank you so much Becky!"


SS - Yukon, OK



"I’m a small business owner which means often times my home is put on the back burner. BeeNeat came in and organized my entire kitchen from pots and pans to the messy, can’t find a thing pantry. The best part was that BeeNeat only needed a few minutes of my time for direction and voila, my  kitchen looks like new again!"


J. Upton - OKC, OK



"My family and I recently were looking for a Professional Organizer in Oklahoma to help us go through memorabilia, business papers, sentimental letters, and small items that were left to deal with after weeding out the big items from our parents’ estate.  We were having the hardest time letting go of old letters, pictures of generations of family, and anything relating to World War II.


We found Becky Marple, who has a business called Bee Neat.  Boy, did she help us out!  She is really a lifesaver.  I met with her and she went box-by-box with me, bag-by-bag, item-by-item, and used her skills as a Professional Organizer to help me decide what’s important, what will never be looked at again, how to let go, and what might be very important to the family to be preserved for all time and legistically the ways to do that.


I knew deep down I needed to let most of it go instead of put it in storage somewhere, and Becky helped walk me through that.  She is very organized, has a method and made it very easy on me.  She asked the questions I needed to hear.  I will use her again to tackle the next project of paring down items even further.  I believe she could organize anything put in front of her, whether it be a closet, a room, or a household.  She has great ideas for consolidating some of the items and for consolidating many of the papers together in a (much smaller) organized file or in a digital fashion.  We were able to get rid of a lot of the bulk of what was left in a few hours. I was amazed.  Life gets so busy, and Becky can help all kinds of people sort out their stuff, and their lives! She is a delight to work with!"


J.G. - Oklahoma City, OK



"Professionalism, sensitivity to the homeowners, thoughtfulness, and the ability to transform a space into EXACTLY what I had in mind and QUICKLY, describes the experience I had with Becky.  I would recommend her to anyone needing fresh ideas and a new start.  My project needed someone who has the rare genius that Becky possesses.  I give her a 5 star!"


- M.J. - Oklahoma City, OK 


"During Spring cleaning Becky helped my office find organizational solutions for our small spaces.  It is remarkable how much easier it is to find supplies now that everything has a place. I have also  found that our staff has kept everything tidy now that we have a better system!"


Onyx Theaters / Office Manager - Oklahoma City, OK



"So, I did something awesome for myself this past week.

We all have our struggles or weaknesses and while my house is "clean" I struggled with household organization, you know the nitty gritty stuff. Pantry/linen closets/ organizing the million toys and not to mention thousands of items I have for business. I hired Becky from Bee Neat, A Professional Organizing Co..

Holy moses is she awesome! Like REALLY awesome.

Not only is she a super sweet/cute mom but she Loves organizing (Don't worry I told her that was odd- multiple times) like REALLY loves it. We went room from room in my entire house, we purged the stuff I don't need, we organized all the things I do need so I literally know where every single item in my house is and we set up systems so my family can maintain it. I learned a ton from Becky! She does small projects to large and she can work alone or with you. I highly recommend if you need some help!

You will just love her!"


KD - Edmond, OK 



“I was initially impressed with Becky Marple's enthusiasm, communication skills and professionalism; she consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, I heartily endorse her work ethic.

Becky is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability for providing great customer service is unparalleled, always providing a very organized and fun atmosphere. Becky multitasks gracefully and is able to handle a high-volume workload.

Of particular value to me, was Becky's focused mind-set, enthusiastic personality, ability to work with such professionalism and unwavering commitment to exceed expectations. I continually praise and refer Becky (unsolicited).  I commend Becky's outstanding level of service, professionalism and follow-through.

Organized and diligent, Becky was very inspirational to me.  She has my highest recommendation!”

Angela Q. – Oklahoma City, OK


In the spring of 2013 I accidentally stumbled across an organizing program on TV.  After seeing only one episode I was so motivated to get rid of 'stuff' that I immediately got out of my recliner and started taking things off of shelves that I did not need and were truly clutter. Even though the items were pretty and useful to me, I placed them in a cardboard box and donated them immediately. I continued this process almost daily for several months.


In the summer of 2013 it became clear to me that I not only needed to de-clutter but that I needed to downsize to the extreme in order to move in with my Mom in another town so I could be a better caregiver for her. I knew I needed help and accountability to accomplish this.  I searched online for professional organizers in the Edmond area and found Becky Marple's website, "Bee Neat." I recognized her name because she is a member of the church where I work. I remember thinking "How many Becky Marple's can there be in central Oklahoma? This person has to be the one whose name I recognize from work.  After talking with Becky on the phone I knew that God had led me directly to the person He had picked out to help me in downsizing, packing, and moving.



Now almost everything looks like clutter to me. I see clutter and my mind becomes cluttered and then I feel overwhelmed in my thoughts as well. Becky has helped me not only de-clutter and downsize my household, she has helped me start de-cluttering my mind as well.


I had never used Craigslist or E-Bay before but Becky even listed specific items for me to sell on these websites as well!  If you need an organizer who is encouraging, helpful, practical, and someone to whom you can be accountable, you should contact Becky Marple immediately!


Janet B. – Edmond, OK



“Organization is important to any business but when Becky ran Oklahoma City’s largest apartment community it was vital.  Becky did so with ease and a sweet, down-to-earth spirit.  She was directly responsible for millions of dollars, contractors, vendors and 20+ employees. With a high stress, fast paced and demanding work load she was determined and hardworking.  Becky created a system to effectively and efficiently manage her meetings, the staff, the daily functions and more.  Once created, our once disorganized way of operating was in the past!  Our leasing numbers were the highest ever, income was the highest and really just less stressful overall.  When it comes to someone ingeniously making your space less chaotic and beautiful, Becky is the best there is!”

Kate N. – Edmond, OK


“Becky Marple is by far the most organized person I know!  She tirelessly created a filing system; which was non- existent prior to Becky.  There were literally thousands of pages of documents thrown into drawers with no particular order.  Becky changed all that so that our staff of 13 could all locate previous files, legal documents, etc. with ease.    Without Becky our day to day operations were a mess. She seemed to enjoy the fact that everything had a place. I can just imagine what the interior of her labeled cabinets and tidy closets look like.”


J. Nichols-Edmond, OK



"I really appreciated your great attitude!

You were very gracious, and helped my wife make an amazing change happen in our living room/dining room/kitchen. I really appreciate how you spoke encouragingly and with positive belief into her; she really appreciated your help!


The living room area now feels like a home... Before, even when we didn't have all the boxes in the way, it just felt a bit, blah.

Your re-organization of the furniture was a big hit for me!

Of course, it's going to look even better after we get more decorations on the walls. And the kitchen is usable now!  That's a really, really, good thing. My wife is really going to enjoy cooking, and of course, I'm going to enjoy eating and saving money from home-cooked meals!


Now I've just got to find some time somewhere to take a break from the business stuff and finish the office!


Anyway, thanks again for helping us out!"


JJ - Oklahoma City, OK



The other day Becky held a presentation to my students at Bridges, which houses teens who live alone and want to finish high school. Since I’m a person who believes that my life will change if I can only find the perfect Tupperware container, I was excited to hear her. She was every bit as entertaining and educational as I expected.

She did a great job of engaging with my students, and there was a lot of give-and-take as she lined out some easy organizational fixes. The kids enjoyed visiting with her, and many took away some great tips, as well as her email address for further questions.

Judging from her experiences, stories, and practical information, I would recommend Becky to anyone who wants practical solutions for home or office organization. We had a great time!  Thank you again!

Debra Krittenbrink

Executive Director, Bridges

Norman, OK  


Tackling my entire home one room at a time, Becky has changed my life!

I have learned that being organized is the key to being stress free!

I communicated to Becky that I can easily follow and maintain structure or an organized system but I just don't know how to set it up; I get overwhelmed, frustrated and just quit.

Working with me and my family Becky created systems that work for US and our busy lives and we have been able to keep it nice and tidy for well over 9 months!

She can take the most difficult project and make it organized AND beautiful!  She has a true special talent in organizational skills.

L.W. - Edmond, OK  


Becky is outstanding to work with!! She gets in there and organizes the area. Then she sets up a plan to keep it that way. Working with her gets an area organized but ALSO gives you the skills to maintain it. My brothers and I have for years tried to think of ways to help our parents but nothing worked until we discovered Becky. She helped my parents tackle a major problem area in 1 day!!!


I highly recommend her! You will not be disappointed. Money WELL Spent!

Paul Ferris - Dallas, TX


It's been a month since Becky with BeeNeat came to my house and did her magic! 

I have since hired a housekeeper which has been on my bucket list forever but could never do it because of the mess. 

My house is still tidy-clean, and I am so glad I made the leap and contacted Becky. 

Her compassion and non-judgmental attitude was a blessing. Becky has made such a difference in my outlook on my home.  

I now make my bed every morning-which I have NEVER done (what’s the use when you’re just gonna be back in it in 14 hours). I pick up after  myself and don’t mind doing it.

I didn’t think I would admit to anyone that I had hired Becky as it's kind of embarrassing that I can’t pick up and organize my own home; but I have sung her praises to almost everyone I know. 

They are jealous!!

Again, Becky-thank you so very much for all you did.

Karen - Oklahoma City, OK


My experience with Becky from BeeNeat was amazing!! 

Her professionalism, organization and enthusiasm throughout the entire process was truly endearing. 
My closet was an absolute disaster and something I had put off for a few years. 
When Becky arrived she had a "plan of attack"
She helped me stay focused and worked extremely hard to get the job done in a timely fashion. Becky provided tools in order for me to maintain my new organized life style. It has been 3 months since Becky worked her wonders in our closet and not one thing is out of place! 
Thank you Becky! 
I loved working with you and I look forward to more adventures in the future!! 
BWS - Oklahoma City, OK 


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