Congratulations! By looking through this website you have taken the first step toward clearing your space and, consequently, clearer thinking and happier living.


You probably have an idea of what you'd like to accomplish with help but may be wondering exactly how this works.


Let's walk through the steps.

  • First, we will chat over the phone to get a feel for your projects. You'll need to answer questions like: How many people use the space? When did clutter start piling up? Is there a specific aspect that is frustrating to you?  You do not need to clean or prepare for our first meeting, I'd like to see your home in normal routine.


  • Next, we'll set up an on-site appointment to start ironing out the details of the project. We'll talk about your overall vision and goals before outlining a plan to turn your area of frustration into a workable, usable space.  


  • Let's dive in!  Although four hours sounds like a long stretch, we'll be so busy the time will fly—and you'll be able to see big improvements at the end of just one session!


From the moment we complete the project, you will be ready to use your space just as you had envisioned!


Becky will be available in the days, weeks, and months after we've wrapped up your assignment. Whether you need maintenance with an existing area or help with a new one we are simply a phone call away!

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